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Hideki Kamiya Craves to Go Back to Work for a ‘Feast’!

Hideki Kamiya Craves to Go Back to Work for a ‘Feast’!

Hideki Kamiya, the well-known Japanese game director currently working for PlatinumGames, expressed‍ his hopes to return to⁢ work soon in a recent Tweet. Kamiya, who co-founded‍ PlatinumGames‍ with fellow⁤ director⁢ Atsushi Inaba in 2006, expressed his⁤ eagerness to make “some good feasts” for fans.

When responding to a fan,⁣ Kamiya wrote “‘Gotta get back to work⁣ so I can make some good‍ feasts.'” It’s apparent that Kamiya is very passionate⁣ about his work. With many of his fans eagerly waiting for his next title, Kamiya is obviously driven to ⁤make something special. While he didn’t provide any specifics regarding his upcoming projects, it’s clear that Kamiya is looking to make something unique and satisfying for his fans.

Kamiya has also expressed how hard it ⁣has been for him to back away from the games he works on as he ⁢grows older. He has discussed in past interviews how hard it is to see one of his⁤ beloved masterpieces make its way into the hands of other developers. Interestingly enough, Kamiya also mentioned in the same interviews that he still ‍loves playing games ⁤and that he still dreams of creating that perfect⁣ title.

The gaming industry⁤ is in great anticipation for Kamiya’s next big project. His involvement in various‌ masterpieces of the past two decades has left a profound impact on many of his ‍fans. One can only imagine what Kamiya has planned for the⁣ future of gaming. Until then, we can only hope that Kamiya will be blessed with enough time to create something special.


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