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Hideki Kamiya Craves to Go Back to Work for a ‘Feast’!

Hideki Kamiya, the well-known Japanese game director currently working for PlatinumGames, expressed‍ his hopes to return to⁢ work soon in a recent Tweet. Kamiya, who co-founded‍ PlatinumGames‍ with fellow⁤ director⁢ Atsushi Inaba in 2006, expressed his⁤ eagerness to make “some…

Hideki Kamiya Sparks Debate on Definition of ‘JRPG’ – IGN

Igniting ⁤a firestorm among fans of role-playing‍ games‍ is veteran ‌game⁣ director Hideki ‍Kamiya, who recently proclaimed his belief ​that a⁤ game can’t really be called⁢ a ‘JRPG’ unless it was made in Japan. Kamiya,‌ who has⁢ directed such popular‌…