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Gran Turismo 7 Gets Major Content Update from Creator Kazunori Yamauchi Next Week

Gran Turismo 7 Gets Major Content Update from Creator Kazunori Yamauchi Next Week

Gran Turismo 7 Gets Major ⁤Content Update from Creator Kazunori Yamauchi Next Week

The highly-anticipated seventh installment of the Gran​ Turismo series, Gran Turismo 7, is set to receive​ a ‍major⁣ content update⁢ from its creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, next week. According ⁢to an announcement made by ​Yamauchi‌ last week, the update will bring improvements to ‍the game’s graphics and visuals, as⁤ well as an⁤ expanded selection of tracks.

The ⁢visuals of Gran Turismo 7 are set to be upgraded significantly, with far‍ more detailed car models, environments, and tracks. Yamauchi has stated in interviews that this update is all‍ about “really‍ creating the most beautiful ‍racing game possible.” Additionally,‌ the number of tracks available in the game will be increased, ‌with Yamauchi saying that “we will⁢ have a few new ones” being ⁤added‌ to ⁢the existing selection.

The update ⁢is also set to include new cars, ‌including ⁤the ​recently released ⁤Corvette C8 that‌ was made available in the game earlier ⁣this ​month. According to Yamauchi, some ⁣of ⁤the⁢ cars included in‍ the update “will only​ be⁢ available in the seventh edition of‌ Gran Turismo.” Additionally, fans of the game‌ will⁤ be able to collect ‌rare cars⁢ from a wide variety​ of different makes and⁢ models.

Gran ⁢Turismo​ 7‌ is set ‌to be ‌the ⁢most significant update ⁢to the series⁣ yet, and fans around the​ world are⁢ eagerly awaiting the arrival ⁣of the new content. Yamauchi ‍has stated that the⁣ update “will give everyone a lot to explore,” and⁢ he is confident that⁤ it will be⁢ well-received by the racing⁢ community.


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