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Comparing Decidueye and Trevenant in PvP: A In-Depth Analysis of Community Day Decidueye Movesets

Comparing Decidueye and Trevenant in PvP: A In-Depth Analysis of Community Day Decidueye Movesets

Pokemon is one of the most popular ⁢series in gaming. With the‌ recent release of the competitively ⁢focused Pokemon GO⁤ Community ⁣Day, many players ⁤have been comparing the two Community Day Pokemon: Decidueye and Trevenant. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of ⁤the Decidueye movesets for PvP.

Decidueye benefits from having two great fast moves in its arsenal. ‍It‌ has the‍ normal type fast​ move “Wing Attack”, and the Psychic type fast⁣ move “Air​ Slash”. “Wing Attack” provides great coverage against the large amount of ⁤dark⁢ and steel type Pokemon, ⁢and “Air Slash” covers grass types which are commonly used ‍in Pokemon GO PvP.

In terms of charge moves, Decidueye‌ has access to some⁢ great moves. It has⁤ the steel type‍ “Brave⁤ Bird”, the flying type “Sky Attack”, and ⁤the ⁤grass type “Leaf‌ Blade.” “Brave Bird” is a great move to use against dark and steel types, while ​“Sky Attack” is a great option‍ against flying pokemon. Finally, ​“Leaf Blade” is a great way to take down grass types, ‍which is a common type in ⁤the meta.

In comparison, Trevenant⁣ has access to⁤ the normal type‌ fast move “Astonish”, ⁢as well as the ghost type fast move “Shadow ⁤Claw”. “Astonish” provides good coverage‌ against ⁢dark and⁢ steel type​ pokemon,​ while “Shadow Claw” is a great way to ⁤cover grass types.

Trevenant has the grass type ⁤“Leaf Blade”, ⁣as‌ well as the dark type “Shadow Ball”, and ‍the ghost type “Shadow Punch” as charge moves. “Leaf Blade” is a great way‍ to take down grass types, while “Shadow Ball” is⁢ a great way​ to​ cover the many dark type pokemon ⁤in the meta. Finally, “Shadow Punch” is a⁤ great way to take down⁢ common ghost type Pokemon.

Overall, Decidueye⁤ and Trevenant are both great Pokemon for PvP, and each have‌ access to ​some great movesets. Decidueye has access⁣ to the steel ⁤and flying type moves, ‌which​ gives it great coverage against many​ of the meta Pokemon. While Trevenant has access ‍to the grass, dark, and ghost ⁤type moves, ⁤providing⁢ some good‍ coverage of its own. It ultimately comes ⁣down to player preference⁤ which Pokemon should be chosen.‌


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