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WoW Hunters Feel the Pain of Nerf in Season of Discovery

WoW Hunters Feel the Pain of Nerf in Season of Discovery

As the launch ‍of ‌World of Warcraft’s (WoW) ⁤new Season of Discovery expansion inches closer, many hunters are left feeling uneasy about their ⁣specs due to the ⁢potential for excessive nerfs. With the new expansion, Blizzard Entertainment has promised to ‍make​ numerous changes to⁤ the game, some of which ​may not be as favorable for ⁢hunters ‌as others. From buffs to abilities, to changes to the way traps work,‌ hunters are feeling the‍ heat ‌of the nerf torch.

Among⁢ the changes that hunters need to worry about ⁢are the modifications‌ to their ⁤traps. The Traps ⁤tab will be completely removed from the ⁣game and some important skills, Cobra Shot and Classic Traps, will‍ no longer be available. While this will make hunters ‌much less viable in group content, ‌Blizzard has promised​ that there will be new ⁤abilities in the new expansion to help make up the difference.

Along with changes to ⁤traps, hunters ⁢are being ⁤asked to make significant changes to their gearing, as Blizzard is ​implementing a new‌ “gear slot” system. ‍This system allows players to‍ choose ‍a specialization-specific item ⁢that will give ‍them ‌a stronger boost ⁤than their standard gear set. For hunters, ​this will mean sacrificing some of⁤ their normal gear⁣ pieces for the specialized ​item, leaving them more vulnerable ‍in some areas.

The changes to hunter abilities and gear have been met with mixed reactions. On one hand,⁣ some ⁤hunters are excited about‌ the potential ‍for new strategies ⁢and tactics. On the other ⁤hand, ​there ⁢are⁤ some who are fearful that their class will be too nerfed for play. Unfortunately, as with any ‍change⁣ in the game, the‌ only ‍way to find out the real impact is to experience the changes in practice.

Ultimately, it’s ⁤hard to gauge ⁣the true effect of the changes until the expansion launches.⁢ Until then, hunters are left to puzzle out what ⁣will and won’t be nerfed. Those who are hopeful are banking on Blizzard’s⁤ claim that‌ the ‌changes will result in a “More Robust and Enjoyable Gameplay Experience”.


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