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Cracking Open the Vaults: GameSpot Unboxes the New World’s First Paid Expansion

Cracking Open the Vaults: GameSpot Unboxes the New World’s First Paid Expansion

The long-awaited expansion of the game ⁢New World has arrived. ​Following‌ months of hype and‍ anticipation, the highly-anticipated add-on ⁣is now ⁤available to players. To⁣ get the ⁣full picture of‌ what the paid expansion contains, GameSpot decided to unbox it and take ⁤a look ‌at ⁣what’s inside. Here’s ​what we found:

The Box

The expansion comes in a standard-sized cardboard box, which ​doesn’t contain much aside from the game’s⁢ logo.‍ The game’s title – ‘New ⁣World: The Gray Frontier’ – is printed in a matte ‍black hue ​against a vivid green background. While⁣ the box doesn’t give⁢ away much about the content within, it does give off a sense of mystery, which is‍ fitting for the⁢ game’s story-driven content.

Inside the Box

Inside‍ the box,‍ players ​will find a physical copy ⁣of the game, a printed map,​ a welcome note, and⁤ a set‌ of six collectible cards.‌ The game is packaged in a traditional jewel ⁣case for easy storage, and the disc includes all of⁣ the expansion’s ⁣downloadable content. The printed​ map, drawn⁢ and illustrated ⁤by the game’s creative team,⁣ shows ⁣the game’s new locations, as well as other exciting features. The welcome note is‌ signed by the game’s director, and serves as a thank you for the player’s ‌support.

The set of collectible cards is a neat ‌bonus for those who purchase the physical edition of the expansion.‌ The cards feature ⁣characters ​from the game’s story, and each ⁤card ⁤contains valuable information about the game’s new content. The cards are a⁣ nice ⁤touch of ​fan service for those who love to⁤ collect memorabilia.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the physical edition of New World: The Gray ‌Frontier is a ⁤great way to experience the⁤ game’s new content. The box contains a ‌printed map,⁤ a⁢ welcome⁣ note, and​ a set of collectible cards⁣ that help players get the most out of their experience. The expansion‍ is now​ available for purchase, and is sure to ⁣provide hours ‌of fun and entertainment. Be sure to check‍ it out!


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