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Frogwares Resolve Dispute, Reclaim Publishing Rights for The Sinking City

Frogwares Resolve Dispute, Reclaim Publishing Rights for The Sinking City

⁢ Frogwares, the independent game developer known for the Sherlock Holmes series, has announced that it has reached an agreement with publisher Nacon to reclaim the publishing rights for their upcoming game The ⁤Sinking City. The news comes after the two companies had been embroiled in a dispute which saw Frogwares accusing Nacon of “asset stripping” their game.

Frogware had previously had a publishing agreement ⁢with​ Nacon ‌but they claimed‌ that the ‍publisher was “illegally” using their assets‍ and “undervaluing” the game. The dispute resulted in numerous⁣ legal actions in several countries, with Frogwares attempting to enforce their‌ rights on the game.

In ‍a press statement, Frogwares⁣ has said that they have “reached an agreement with Nacon on mutual terms” and​ have‍ “regained the rights‌ to The Sinking City”.‌ The company went on to thank their fans “for the unwavering support throughout this entire process”.

The Sinking City is a Lovecraft-inspired investigation game that follows Charles W. Reed, a ⁣private eye exploring the ⁢mysterious⁢ city ‍of Oakmont, Massachusetts. Although ‌Frogwares ‍has now regained the ⁤rights to the game, a release date has yet to⁢ be announced.

It ‌remains to be seen when and how The ‌Sinking City⁣ will be released, but ⁣Frogwares has stated that they “look forward to bringing ⁣the game ⁣to market on our ‍terms”.‌ The company has also said ⁣that it is “working on other‌ exciting projects” and ​“will update fans on its‍ future plans in due⁢ course”.

For the time being,​ it’s a positive outcome for Frogwares and ​the long-awaited The Sinking City, and we look forward‍ to‍ seeing ‍what the independent developer has ‍in store for us next. ‌


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