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Farming the Best Weapons for ‘Destiny 2’: A 5-Month Guide

Farming the Best Weapons for ‘Destiny 2’: A 5-Month Guide

Farming the ‌Best Weapons for ‘Destiny 2’: A 5-Month Guide

If you’re playing⁢ Destiny 2 and‍ want ‌to make sure you’re always armed with the best possible weapons, it’s essential to know what⁣ you ⁤need and when to grind for them. That’s ‍why‌ we have ​put together this 5-month⁣ guide on ⁣how to farm‌ for the ⁣best weapons in Destiny 2. To get you started, here’s what you‌ need to know.

Month ‌1: Obtaining Powerful Gear

At‌ the start of your Destiny 2 ⁤ journey, you’ll need to ⁢quickly build up ⁣a stockpile⁤ of powerful gear. In order to do‍ this, ​you should ⁢complete the main story ‌missions and complete all the available Strikes. ‍Doing ‍so should net you enough rewards to ⁤equip you with some ​decent gear.⁤ You can also increase your gear stock by participating in​ Crucible matches. Additionally,​ new​ batches of ​gear‌ are released each week, so make sure⁢ to stay on top of news‍ about what’s available.

Month 2: Gaining Exotics and ‍Legendary Weapons

During​ Month ​2, you can begin working ⁣towards earning some of the game’s more powerful weapons, ‌such as‌ Exotics ‌and Legendaries. To do so, you should ⁣pursue side‌ activities like heading to Iron‌ Banner or taking part in Trials of‍ Osiris. This will ‍give you the ⁣opportunity to collect Exotic​ Engrams, which ‍can grant you powerful Rare or Legendary⁢ weapons. Additionally, make sure to take advantage of milestones, as they offer Exotic-level‍ rewards or Requisition Packages ⁣which also ⁢offer powerful weapons.

Month 3: Farming Resources and Weapon Mods

Month 3 of your Destiny 2 ⁣ experience should be focused on ⁤farming for resources and weapon mods. ‍Doing⁤ so will allow you to level up your weapons more quickly. To farm ⁢resources, try participating in public events, completing patrol‍ or Lost ⁢Sectors ‌missions.‌ Meanwhile, for weapon mods try to​ complete daily and weekly strikes. Mods can also​ be purchased‍ from ​vendors, such as ⁤Banshee-44.

Month⁤ 4: Targeted Reward Acquisition

By Month 4, ⁣you should have acquired plenty of powerful weapons, so focus on ‍grinding for specific gear that you want. In most cases, the best way to do⁣ so is to maximize your progress score in order to ​increase ⁢your chance of getting the rewards ⁣you want.‍ This can ​be done by participating in Lost Sectors, the ‌Crucible or Gambit. You⁣ may also ⁢want to ⁤consider attempting a Master Nightmare ​Hunt in order to obtain specific rewards.

Month 5: Increasing Strength

At the tail end ‌of your ⁣5-month gaming journey, you should ​prioritize increasing the overall ‍strength of​ your weapons. To do ‌so, make ⁢sure to stay on top of weekly milestones,⁢ and consider opting for ‍Legendary Modules or Infusions to ⁣increase the ‌weapons’ Light levels. Additionally, ‌you may find some powerful ⁤weapons⁣ come out around ‍this time, so make sure⁤ to take a⁢ look ‍at what’s available.

With the right planning and determination, ⁣this guide‍ should help you farm the best weapons in Destiny 2. Now that⁣ you know what you need and ⁤when ⁣to grind for it, it’s time to start your‌ weapon-farming ‍journey!


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