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Tekken 8 Releases Official Dragunov Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Tekken 8 Releases Official Dragunov Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Bandai Namco Entertainment released the honor fighting game installment of Tekken ‍franchise, Tekken 8 and ⁣alongside the⁣ highly-anticipated release came many thrilling gameplay features, including the highly requested Dragunov‍ gameplay.

The martial arts expert incorporated into the upcoming fighting game is ⁤sure to⁤ entice fans in to experiencing it for themselves. This reveal trailer for Dragunov made its debut in Japan on popular video-sharing platform Niconico, highlighting the game’s beautiful visuals, sound design, and some high-energy combat sequences.

The trailer opens⁢ with a full cinematic display of some of the stages in the game, all very interactive and built with modern day appeal. Showcasing realistic actions and smooth combat, fans are most certainly keen to experience the immersive⁢ gameplay. While the trailer keeps the fans guessing about the storyline, it does⁤ reveal some of the moves in the game.

The inclusion of Dragunov into Tekken 8 has certainly sent shockwaves into the franchise’s fandom. His signature style⁢ embraces a lot of spin⁢ kicks and stances which is very unique to his martial arts form.

The trailer reveals further details regarding the playable characters in the game like Jin ‌Kazama, Mishima Heihachi, Lars Alexandersson, and Yoshimitsu, among a ‍variety ⁣of characters.

No official date has been revealed yet, but fans are in for a treat when this‍ game makes its arrival. Stay tuned for latest updates on Tekken 8 and details regarding the‌ release date.


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