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Mortal Kombat 1 Kicks Off Season 2 with ‘Season of the Blood Moon’ Trailer

Mortal Kombat 1 Kicks Off Season 2 with ‘Season of the Blood Moon’ Trailer

Mortal Kombat is back with a​ brand‍ new season 2 trailer, unveiling a ‌trailer that promises even more ⁣action-packed combat with the promise of‌ the​ “Season of the Blood Moon”. Available now on YouTube, the trailer shows off a few ⁤new places, characters, and looks at‌ what fans can expect when⁣ the new season⁢ kicks off.

Season 2 was initially announced ​in mid-October, just weeks before the release of the previous season’s finale and fans have been eagerly awaiting the show’s return ever since. The new season kicks⁤ off with a new‌ source of power – the Blood Moon, an ‍everlasting energy source that promises to change the power balance within ‍the Mortal Kombat universe.

The season will focus on the classic ⁢heroes and villains⁤ of⁤ the series as they all fight to ‍discover the​ secrets of the Blood‍ Moon. Along the way, they will travel to a variety of new original locations featured in the trailer. These ​locations include the familiar arenas of the franchise, such⁢ as the iconic ⁤Empire City, as well as some brand new⁤ arenas for fans to explore.

The trailer also​ looks at some of the new ⁣characters that will ⁤be appearing in the season, such ‌as iconic characters from the series such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero, as well as some new faces in the series. All ‌of these ‍characters promise ⁣to bring fresh and engaging combat to the ⁢show, ⁣something Mortal Kombat fans can always get behind.

Already, fans are theorizing what the season will bring and the ‌Blood Moon’s ⁣impact on the rest of the series, as well as ‍which characters will be making a ⁢return⁣ this season. It looks like we ​won’t have to wait long to find⁤ out as Mortal Kombat season 2 kicks off in 2021.


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