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66% of Players Too Scared to Indulge in Unusual Druid Bear Romance in Baldur’s Gate 3

66% of Players Too Scared to Indulge in Unusual Druid Bear Romance in Baldur’s Gate 3

RPGs give players ⁤the freedom to ​make decisions ⁤they wouldn’t normally make in real life.‌ However, ​when it comes to ‍a game like Baldur’s Gate 3, players might be more than a little⁤ hesitant to embrace something they haven’t seen before. That’s⁤ because 66% of players are reportedly ⁣too ⁣scared to⁣ try out⁤ the‍ unusual druid bear romance feature in Baldur’s Gate 3.

In Baldur’s Gate 3,⁤ you can find Misha in the Druid’s Grove. She’s ​a bear⁢ who can communicate with you, and she can develop feelings for⁤ your character. If you express⁣ enough interest in her, you can end up in a romantic relationship‌ with her. But⁣ players are ⁤reportedly too scared to​ take ‍that leap into something so unexpected.

For starters, it’s ⁤just a bit weird. While having ​relationships with animals is standard enough in fantasy literature, we don’t usually expect it ‌from⁣ modern RPGs. In games, we’re used to romancing humans, elves,⁣ and other fantasy races. But a⁢ bear? That’s a bit of a ​wildcard.

It’s also a situation‌ that many players aren’t comfortable with. It’s awkward, it’s strange, and‍ it’s possible to ⁢offend ‌people with the choice. ⁢It’s understandable why so many people ​would ‍rather back​ away than try something that could potentially come off as offensive or inappropriate.

But for those brave enough to give it a try, Misha can bring something truly ‌unique to⁣ the​ table. Loving a ‍bear might feel weird to some, but it’s a unique experience⁢ that has the potential⁣ to add a lot to Baldur’s Gate 3. And ​it isn’t just for novelty – Misha can provide some truly⁣ heartfelt⁣ dialogue⁣ that many players will⁢ appreciate.

Ultimately, it’s up to the player whether or‍ not they want to indulge in ‌the unusual druid bear romance⁣ in Baldur’s Gate 3. Nevertheless, it’s easy to⁣ see why so many players are reluctant ‌to take the plunge. It’s an uncertain ‍situation that doesn’t have one ⁣clear outcome, and there’s always the ​potential to offend people with the choice.


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