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MW3 Fans Fuming Over ‘Unusable’ Fan-Favorite Weapon

MW3 Fans Fuming Over ‘Unusable’ Fan-Favorite Weapon

MW3 Fans Fuming Over ‘Unusable’ Fan-Favorite‌ Weapon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ​(COD: MW3) fans have‍ expressed their frustrations over the latest patch update for the ⁤game. It now appears that ‍the gun of choice ⁢for many players – the MP5 SMG – has⁣ been nerfed to the point of being “unusable” in the current multiplayer setup. This favorite of fans, both casual and competitive, has been ravaged by the latest patch and has serious​ repercussions for ⁢the way some loadouts are going about tackling the competition.

These nerfs have come⁣ in two ​forms. ‌Firstly, the increased recoil ‍of the gun. This makes the MP5 less accurate and controllable than before, frustrating those who heavily relied on the gun’s ‍signature accuracy to hit ‌their shots consistently. The⁣ second nerf is in its reduced power, making it less capable of downing enemies ⁢in one-shot and having fans constantly wondering if their shots​ are landing.

Players have taken to social media to voice their opinion on ⁤the patch. User “Octanh2” tweeted, “ Unreal. I’ve been playing MW3 since launch and the MP5 was the go-to gun for the past 7 years. Now ⁢it’s​ practically useless and my loadout is destroyed.”.

The ‌negative⁤ reception to ⁤the patch⁢ is ⁤unsurprising ⁤as the‌ MP5 has ‍been a fan-favorite gun since COD: MW3 launched so‌ many years ago. Players welcomed news of the patch, but for many there will be an adjustment period to finding their ⁤feet and creating a new pre-prepared loadouts⁣ that works well for their playstyle.

Although‌ the patch has‌ had many negatives for fans of ‌the MP5, it has had some benefits for the rest ⁤of the roster. Many players have noted a noticeable increase in the gun’s ⁣accuracy and‌ damage compared to before, making it useful for any situation now. Those who like to play as a run and gun agent, now have even more tools at their disposal to quickly take out‍ people quickly.

It appears that the MP5 will still have a place in the game and ​the buffs that other guns have received should not be‍ underestimated.⁢ While it ⁢might have become unusable for some players, the MW3 arms roster ‌remains diverse and there’s plenty of options to go around ⁤to tackle whatever loadouts come your way.


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