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TBS Network Takes the Leap Into Video Game Industry

TBS Network Takes the Leap Into Video Game Industry

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) just announced a major leap into the video game industry. As a major branch of the entertainment world, video games have become a gigantic industry. TBS is diving headfirst into the fray, creating partnerships with companies such as EA and Ubisoft as well as making announcements and new initiatives in order to stay up to date with the ever-growing video game industry.

TBS has long been known as one of the most successful networks in the television sector, but now, they’ve decided to expand their reach and influence in the gaming industry. With this move, they are bringing their industry experience and marketing intelligence to the video game space, providing their clients with insights and opportunities to develop in the gaming sector like never before. Specifically, their partnerships with EA and Ubisoft will be paramount, as they will allow the two giants in video game publishing to provide to TBS tailored content and exclusive campaigns that will appeal to the millions of gamers out there.

In addition, TBS has announced the formation of its own production team to create content to support new video game releases. This move is part of their larger initiative to create an in-house content production division focused on gaming with the intent to create marketing stories for games and further establish TBS as a leader in the gaming industry. In addition to productions, TBS will be establishing a gaming podcast and web series to combine their media savvy with the gaming world.

This move by TBS is a huge step into the video game industry, and one that will no doubt be beneficial for all parties involved. From getting more people involved in the gaming industry by creating more content to providing more interactive opportunities, this move by TBS will surely create an even larger gaming audience and make TBS an influential player in the gaming world.


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