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RIT Takes National Counter-Strike 2 Crown

RIT Takes National Counter-Strike 2 Crown

A stunning performance ‍by the Rochester Institute⁢ of Technology (RIT) Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) team has culminated in the team taking the national crown in an intense two-day tournament.

The ⁢team, composed of Tom Cooper, Kevin Smith,‍ Justin Johnson, Allen Drummond, and ‌Alex DeGroot, found⁢ success⁢ in tight team coordination and individual stars in clutch moments. Cooper had an impressive showing in the semi-finals, carrying the team​ to a 6-1​ victory.

The final round pitted RIT‌ against the reigning champions from⁣ Northwestern University. Northwester had been dominant throughout the tournament, with no team coming close to knocking them ⁤off their perch. RIT came into⁣ the ​match‌ as an underdog, but the team was undaunted.⁢ The⁣ boys worked‌ together to coordinate their gameplay, shutting down Northwester’s offense one rush after another.

In the end, RIT emerged‍ victorious in a nail-biting 7-6 affair. Much of the credit is due to⁢ Justin Johnson, ​who led the team with three clutch point captures. His ⁤experience ‍as a competitive player was on full display, and ‌his teammates could count on him to find success whenever it was needed.

The⁤ Counter-Strike 2 National Championship capped ⁢an impressive season for⁢ the RIT team. Despite the hardships of the pandemic, the team managed to practice and compete‌ to the best of their ‍ability, traversing the⁤ bumpy path to the championship.

The national⁣ crown is the first for RIT since the team’s establishment in 2017.⁤ The​ achievement is one​ of many⁣ for the school’s esports program, which grew from humble beginnings and has been a source of pride ⁤for⁤ RIT ever since.

The five members of the RIT Counter-Strike 2 team‌ have proven themselves as the best in⁢ the nation. Their hard ​work and dedication to the game have paid off, and they have secured bragging rights for years to ⁤come.


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