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Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Japan Postponed: Latest SFVI Patch Causing Synchronisation Issues

Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Japan Postponed: Latest SFVI Patch Causing Synchronisation Issues

The Capcom⁢ Pro Tour 2023 Japan regional tournament,​ meant⁤ to ‍take place ​the forthcoming weekend, has been postponed ⁢due‌ to synchronization issues caused by the latest Street Fighter VI patch,⁤ released at the conclusion of April. The delay⁤ was announced today, with Capcom reps citing⁤ the ‘unpredictability’ of the ⁣online tournaments as a reason.

Players ​participating in the tournaments will be reimbursed for their withheld registration fees. The event will take place at a later date to‍ be determined, likely as​ a physical tournament.* ⁢Until then, ⁢players are encouraged to practice and improve their skills via ‍virtual matchups. ‌

The synchronization issues stem from a conflict between the latest Street ‌Fighter VI patch and its predecessor, compounded by the relatively unstable netcode utilized by the⁢ game⁣ for online matchups. The desperation of tournament ⁣organizers contributed to the decision to ⁢postpone, ⁢which was both to consider the players’ interests as well as guarantee a predictable tournament.

While simultaneouse tournaments can still⁣ be​ run without problems, the Capcom Pro Tour infrastructure requires exact synchronised timing ‌for ⁢global tournaments. Errors⁤ in the synchronisation of global tournaments can be career-damaging for previously rising prospects, ⁤as points awarded in global tournaments are utilized to decide seeding for next year’s tournament.

Capcom has yet ⁢to ⁢announce when the postponed tournament will be held. Until‌ then, players are advised‍ to ⁣practice offline, and prepare for any online⁣ matchup they may encounter. Versions⁢ of the game ‌running on stable versions of firmware are least​ likely to experience any tech-derived issues.

*COVID restrictions pending.


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