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GTA 6: Big Changes Ahead for Rockstar’s Engine – Rumours Suggest

GTA 6: Big Changes Ahead for Rockstar’s Engine – Rumours Suggest

Rumours abound that Grand Theft Auto 6, likely the hottest game in development, could bring some major changes to the series’ architecture. Rockstar Games, the⁤ developer of the⁤ GTA series, has been seen hard at ⁢work exploring new technologies, and the‌ possibility⁣ that their in-house game‌ engine ​might have been retired⁤ in favour of one of several commercially available 3D​ rendering engines has been spreading quickly.

It has been⁢ suggested that Rockstar’s ⁤decision to consider new engines ⁢could have ⁣far ​reaching implications for the game, as different ‍engines are designed for more⁤ complex visual ​effects, as well as‍ a greater degree of realism ‍in​ terms⁤ of physics⁢ and character ‌animations.

This‌ could also ease the pressure on‌ Rockstar to produce new content for the series⁣ at a faster pace, as the new engine would‍ be able to do much of the heavy ⁣lifting. The engine‌ could also ‌be ‌used to run⁢ game assets such as textures and models, and ‌open the door​ to a⁣ variety⁤ of ⁣new development orietations, such as creating new heroes, weapons and features.

It has been​ reported by several sources that Rockstar is heavily researching two very popular 3D engines: Unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine 5. Both of these engines ⁤are known for ⁢their photo-realistic graphics ⁤and a variety of powerful tools.

Bolstering these‍ rumours⁣ is the‌ fact that Rockstar itself ​has ⁢not commented on the ​speculation, and while they have acknowledged that they are always‌ exploring new technologies, ‍they have not made any ‍definitive statements regarding a shift in⁢ development tools.

Only time will tell what the future holds for GTA 6 and its ​fans, but the rumours that⁣ Rockstar is considering a significant departure from their current engine have certainly created some excitement among⁣ players and developers alike. ‍


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