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New Update Reveals More of Sephiroth’s Backstory in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis

New Update Reveals More of Sephiroth’s Backstory in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis

Square Enix recently released an update revealing more of Sephiroth’s backstory in the upcoming mobile version of the classic JRPG Final Fantasy 7, ‘Ever Crisis’. The ‍update is sure ‌to please‌ longtime fans of the game who have been⁤ eagerly anticipating more details.

Ever Crisis‌ is set to⁤ be ⁤a ⁢‘compilation of Final⁢ Fantasy’, ⁤and will feature remastered content and spin-off games from the original Final Fantasy 7. The game⁢ will cover the ⁤story of the ⁤original game, as well ​as‍ the ‘Crisis ⁢Core’ and⁣ ‘Dirge of Cerberus’ prequels – and now, thanks to ⁢the new update, Sephiroth’s backstory is ⁢also featured.

The update promises to explore more of Sephiroth’s history from his days as a member of SOLDIER to his rise as an iconic villain ‌in ​the FF7 universe. The update includes new information, visuals and cutscenes depicting⁢ Sephiroth’s long​ and⁣ complicated past. Fans of the franchise will be ⁢delighted to ⁣hear that they’ll get ​to delve deeper into the characters’ history and lore.

The new update also features a ‘Sephiroth Challenge Mode’ that allows players to‍ canvas his backstory and ‘test their skills’. There are a number of challenges and rewards to take on, as well as rewards for⁣ ‘achieving certain objectives’.

As far ⁤as mobile JRPGs go, Final ⁤Fantasy 7: Ever‍ Crisis looks to be one of the best. ⁣This new update promises an even deeper​ examination into​ the origins of one of gaming’s most iconic⁤ villains and should ‌offer plenty of entertainment ⁤for fans of Square Enix’s classic franchise. The game is due to release soon,⁢ though no official date has been announced. ​


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