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Cast Your Vote for TrueAchievements’ November 2023 TA Playlist!

Cast Your Vote for TrueAchievements’ November 2023 TA Playlist!

The fall of 2023 is fast approaching, and with it comes the chance to cast your ⁣vote for TrueAchievements’ November TA​ Playlist! The TA Playlist, now​ in its 7th year, gives gamers of all ages and skill⁤ levels the chance to ⁤show off‍ their‍ gaming prowess and help curate the featured games ⁢list for that month.

We’ve already had some great suggestions ‌from ⁢our ‌loyal viewers, but we’re⁤ always looking for more! ‍With that in ‍mind, here are some‌ of the criteria that we’ll be looking‍ at when it comes to selecting our November line-up:

  • Games that are addictive and enjoyable
  • Games that are challenging and thought-provoking
  • Games that have yet⁢ to be featured in the TA Playlist
  • Games with interesting stories ⁣and characters
  • Games that work well online and offline

So ‌if you’ve got any suggestions for ⁣the upcoming TA Playlist, make sure you ⁢let​ us ‌know in the comments section. ⁣We’ll be carefully considering all the suggestions⁢ we receive, ​and the winner will get ​their pick of the ​featured ⁣games for the month of November.

We’re also delighted to announce that, for the first time ever, we’re offering ⁣a cash prize for the winner! That’s right, a cash prize of ​$1,000 (USD) will be​ awarded to the person‌ whose suggestion receives the most votes. ​So what are⁣ you waiting⁣ for?

Head over to⁣ ⁣ and cast your vote for TrueAchievements’ November 2023 TA‍ Playlist ‍today!


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