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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Expansion Delayed Until 2024

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Expansion Delayed Until 2024

The world of ⁣online gaming took a hit earlier this week ⁤when Bungie announced the ​long-anticipated Destiny 2: The Final Shape ‍expansion would be pushed back ⁤until 2024. The news⁢ has been met with a mix of reactions from fans of the franchise, ⁣as the game had been greatly anticipated since its announcement in 2019.

The delay comes due to complications caused‌ by Covid-19 and the‌ huge effort required to develop ⁤a game⁢ of this scope, ⁤according ⁢to the ​company. “We understand how ⁣frustrating it can be for players waiting for new content, ‌and this delay is a ​necessary step to make sure​ we meet the ⁣level ⁣of quality we know⁤ our players‍ expect of us,” said a Bungie representative.

The expansion⁣ will‌ focus on a new​ story‍ arc and will include ​updated graphics as well as two​ new planets. It ‌will also offer a host of‍ new weapons, armor, and other game modes. While the game has had a strong player base since its⁤ launch, ⁤the delay has left ‍some ‍players worried that ​they won’t ‍be⁢ able to experience all ⁤the⁣ content in time, considering it won’t be released until 2024.

Other players, however, are understanding and optimistic about the new expansion. Some​ view the⁢ extra time as an opportunity for Bungie to make sure they create⁢ an‍ amazing and memorable expansion.

Bungie ⁢has not ⁤provided any specific release⁣ date ​yet, ⁤but the company said the development team‌ is working hard ‌to ⁤make sure Destiny 2: The ⁤Final Shape is worth the ⁢wait.


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