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Ranking All 96 Mario Kart 8 Tracks: Hard Drive’s Tier List

Ranking All 96 Mario Kart 8 Tracks: Hard Drive’s Tier List

Ranking All 96 Mario​ Kart‍ 8 Tracks: Hard Drive’s Tier List

Mario⁢ Kart⁤ 8 packs an impressive amount of track variety, ​with ⁢more than 96⁤ tracks available ⁢in the base game. That being said, not‍ all tracks are created equal. Fortunately for you, the team‍ at Hard Drive has gone through ‌every course and rated them accordingly.

S-Tier Tracks

  • Mushroom Cup:⁢ Toad Circuit & Koopa ⁢City
  • Flower Cup: Toad ‌Harbor ​& Sunshine Airport
  • Lightning Cup: Dragon Driftway & Moo ⁣Moo Meadows
  • Coin ‍Cup: Wario Stadium ⁤& Wild‌ Woods

These tracks represent⁤ the‌ absolute best of what Mario Kart 8 has to offer. They’re cleverly designed, with⁣ no two laps ever being the same. Each of these tracks features plenty of thrills and spills, such‌ as Bowser’s ‌Castle⁣ in Toad Circuit and the ⁢infamous wind section in Koopa City.

A-Tier⁤ Tracks

  • Mushroom Cup: Cheep⁢ Cheep Lagoon &​ Mario Circuit
  • Flower ⁤Cup: Electrodrome & Sweet Sweet Canyon
  • Lightning Cup: Dolphin Shoals & Cloudtop Cruise
  • Coin Cup: Neo Bowser City & Shy Guy Falls

The ‌A-Tier ⁢tracks⁤ are those that ⁢are very well designed and offer up⁤ plenty of exciting moments. Tracks​ like Electrodrome boast a unique ⁣combination of⁣ music and visuals while⁣ Cloudtop Cruise⁢ features some⁤ of the best gliding sections in the game.

B-Tier Tracks

  • Mushroom Cup: Twisted Mansion ⁤& Super Bell⁣ Subway
  • Flower Cup: Bone-Dry ‍Dunes &⁤ Mario Circuit
  • Lightning Cup: Animal⁤ Crossing & Mount Wario
  • Coin Cup:⁣ Excitebike Arena & DK ⁣Jungle

B-Tier tracks​ are those that ⁣are still ⁣fun to play ‍and often ​feature unique gimmicks⁢ and obstacles that make them stand out from​ the rest. Tracks like Animal Crossing and Excitebike Arena ​feature⁣ some great item‌ placement, while Mario Circuit offers⁣ an interesting balance of⁤ tricky turns and wide-open ‌areas.

C-Tier Tracks

  • Mushroom Cup: Bloom Lakitu & Rainbow Road
  • Flower Cup: Yoshi Circuit & Ribbon Road
  • Lightning Cup: Big Blue & Hyrule ‌Circuit
  • Coin Cup: Wario home ‍Run & Big ​Donut

C-Tier tracks are far from bad, but⁤ they tend to be a bit on the forgettable side. They often feature long, straight sections and simplistic turns ‌that can make them seem a bit ⁢too easy.​ Tracks like Yoshi ‌Circuit and Big Blue offer nothing particularly memorable and have nothing that sets them apart from the pack.

D- and ‍F-Tier Tracks

  • Mushroom⁢ Cup:⁤ Mario Kart Stadium &⁢ Thwomp Ruins
  • Flower Cup:​ Shy Guy Falls & N64 Royal ⁢Raceway
  • Lightning Cup: ‍Anti Gravity ⁢& Ice⁤ Ice Outpost
  • Coin Cup: Piranha ⁣Plant⁢ Slide & Baby Park

These are the tracks that ​you can’t help but feel could have been done better. Tracks like Thwomp Ruins are overly repetitive and⁢ lack any real⁤ personality. Others, like Baby Park, suffer from ⁣too few opponents and tracks that are too small.


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