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GTA 6: Big Changes Ahead for Rockstar’s Engine – Rumours Suggest

Rumours abound that Grand Theft Auto 6, likely the hottest game in development, could bring some major changes to the series’ architecture. Rockstar Games, the⁤ developer of the⁤ GTA series, has been seen hard at ⁢work exploring new technologies, and…

Major Changes Coming to Modern Warfare 3: Sliding, Visibility, and More

⁣ Infinity Ward⁤ has recently announced major changes⁢ coming to the highly-anticipated game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ⁣3. The changes ‍will include a range of updates, such as sliding mechanics, ⁢better visibility,⁣ and improved⁢ visuals across⁤ all platforms. Most…