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Riot Games Announces Teamfight Tactics: Vegas Open Esports Tournament

Riot Games Announces Teamfight Tactics: Vegas Open Esports Tournament

Riot Games, the ​creators of League of Legends, ⁢have announced the launch of their newest esports⁣ tournament event, Teamfight Tactics: Vegas Open. The tournament will take ⁤place in Las Vegas⁢ from March 12-14, 2021 and⁤ feature some ⁢of the top players in the ⁢competitive scene. Teams from‍ around the ⁤world will compete for ⁤their share of a $1 million prize pool, and the champions ⁢of ⁢the event will be crowned on the final day.

The Vegas Open will be broadcast across multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitch, ⁤and⁤ Facebook. Fans will be able to watch their favorite teams in action and enjoy all the action on the big screen. As part of the event, ⁤Riot‌ Games will be​ hosting​ meet and greets with the teams ⁢and​ players,‍ special giveaways, ⁣and exclusive interviews with the players.

The tournament promises to ⁢be highly competitive, with top-level teams from all of the popular esports ⁤regions, such as North America, Europe, South Korea, China, and more. Teams will be competing for a share of the‌ $1 million prize pool, which⁣ will ‍be distributed ‌among the top four⁢ teams following the tournament.

“We⁢ are thrilled to bring the action ​of Teamfight Tactics to the gaming capital of the world, Las Vegas,” said Riot Games’ Chief Competitive Officer, Byron ⁢Bernstein.​ “This is​ an‌ amazing opportunity for us to showcase ​the skill and passion of our players, while giving them a chance to compete ‍on an international level. ​We’re excited to see the strategies⁢ they bring to ‍the table.”

The tournament will‍ feature multiple performance metrics to help determine the top teams after the ⁤conclusion of the event. Players will​ be given performance-based ratings based on their in-game ​accomplishments, as well as a variety of personal ‍metrics such as team composition, strategy, and overall leadership.

The top teams⁢ from the event will be awarded with prize⁣ money from the $1 million prize pool, as well as a ⁢spot⁤ in the next Teamfight Tactics Global Series Championship. Players⁤ who make it to the championship ⁣will be competing for the ultimate title of ⁤Teamfight Tactics Grand Champion.

Are you ready to ⁣join the battle?⁢ Teams ‍for the tournament are expected⁤ to be⁣ announced soon, and tickets for the Vegas Open‍ will​ go on sale starting January 22, 2021. Be sure to‍ follow Riot Games on​ their social‌ media‍ channels for more updates and information about ​the tournament.


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