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Capcom’s Critically-Acclaimed ‘Okami’ Surpasses 4 Million Sales – Game Developer

Capcom’s Critically-Acclaimed ‘Okami’ Surpasses 4 Million Sales – Game Developer

Capcom⁢ is ‌celebrating another huge success.‍ The game developer recently‍ announced that the critically acclaimed action-adventure title Okami has surpassed 4 million in sales ‌since its inception in‌ 2006.

Okami is an ⁤open-world game developed by Clover Studio and‌ published by Capcom​ for⁣ the PlayStation 2 ⁤video game console and home computer in 2006. The title‌ has found its way to⁤ various platforms over the ‌years, including ⁤the Wii and Nintendo Switch and has now become a much-loved classic.

The story follows legendary Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, who is⁣ sealed away in the form of a white wolf. ⁢She⁢ is‍ tasked with restoring color to the world and saving it from destruction. Players can use various abilities from Amaterasu’s magical Celestial​ Brush to bring life⁣ and color back to ‌the land.

Since its release, ‌ Okami has received critical acclaim for its attractive visuals, creative level design, easy-to-learn ​use of the Celestial Brush, and captivating soundtrack. ​

Capcom⁢ put up a statement on their website, where they shared the news of Okami‘s success: “We are proud to announce ⁤that sales of Okami have surpassed four million copies ‍worldwide, across multiple⁢ platforms. We are immensely grateful ‍to our fans ⁣for their continued enthusiasm for ⁤our games, and we⁣ hope to continue ​delivering titles that bring joy to our fans for years to come.”

It comes as no surprise that Okami continues to be popular with gamers and gaming critics alike. Capcom is looking forward to proving that there is still life in the classic Japanese gaming market, which ⁣is still making a strong impact on the ‌video game industry to this day.


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