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Capcom’s Critically-Acclaimed ‘Okami’ Surpasses 4 Million Sales – Game Developer

Capcom⁢ is ‌celebrating another huge success.‍ The game developer recently‍ announced that the critically acclaimed action-adventure title Okami has surpassed 4 million in sales ‌since its inception in‌ 2006. Okami is an ⁤open-world game developed by Clover Studio and‌ published…

Street Fighter 6 Surpasses 2 Million Sales; Rashid Gameplay Unveiled

Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 continues to maintain its lead in the fighting game genre, surpassing 2 million sales. The game was released earlier this year to critical and commercial success. According to Capcom, Street Fighter 6 is the best-selling game…