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Call of Duty Now Exposes Cheaters Real-Time in the Kill Feed

Call of Duty Now Exposes Cheaters Real-Time in the Kill Feed

Call of Duty has ⁤released ‌a‍ new feature that instantly shows when a player cheats in its latest game – Call of Duty: Warzone. With the update, players who cheat are now exposed in real-time in the kill feed for everyone to see.

The new feature works by labeling kills‍ from cheaters‍ – showing ⁢”Cheater” in the kill feed instead ​of the name of the player. Showing cheaters in the kill feed was a direct response from the community, ⁤who have been voicing their disagreements with cheaters.

The cheating problem in Call​ of Duty: Warzone has been⁣ rampant and caused a lot of frustration with players. Cheating is not only an⁢ insult to the ‍ethics of game play, but it⁣ also causes⁤ game performance issues including lag, ruining the gaming experience.

The ‍new feature is now in place in Warzone ⁢and it is already creating ​more transparency, helping to decrease the amount of cheaters in ‍the game. If a player is labelled a cheater, they are immediately⁤ investigated by ⁣Activision and the player could find themselves permanently banned from the game.

Although ‌the new feature does not protect players from cheating entirely,⁣ it does enable players to report suspicious⁢ behavior and hold cheaters more accountable for their‍ actions.

Overall, this ​new feature is an encouraging ​step by Activision to crack down on cheaters⁤ and make ‍Warzone a much fairer and more enjoyable place to play.


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