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What’s Next for John Doe After ‘Twisted Metal’ Comes to an End? – An Explainer by Collider

What’s Next for John Doe After ‘Twisted Metal’ Comes to an End? – An Explainer by Collider

John Doe, creator of ‍the long-running franchise Twisted Metal, is ⁤at the center‍ of a new ⁣mystery. What’s next on his⁣ plate now that his beloved series has come to an end? The⁤ answer is⁤ an intriguing one, and one that Collider brings to​ you right here.

Since ⁣the first Twisted Metal ⁢was released ‍back in 1996, the‍ game​ has been a powerhouse in the racing and ‌combat gaming genre. Over the years, ‍it’s‌ spawned eight⁣ sequels and ‌a host‌ of spin-offs,⁤ spin-offs and ports. The last installment of the franchise,​ Twisted ⁣Metal:⁣ Black, hit ⁢shelves in 2008. Over the years, fans of the franchise have⁢ been asking a simple question: What’s next?

The Future of​ John Doe

Doe definitely listened⁣ to his fans,⁢ and⁣ he already has plans in the works for ‍his next project. In 2018, he announced the‍ formation of a new development team, Doe Games, with the goal to ⁤develop the spiritual successor to Twisted Metal. He⁣ even went on to say that he would personally be leading innovation for the ⁤studio’s first‌ game. The studio has been very quiet since then, sparking ⁣more questions from eager fans. The only thing that has been released is a⁤ short teaser trailer, a brief introduction to what looks to be the game’s world presents us with ⁢a world‌ inspired by a ‍crazy post-apocalyptic future.

The teaser does show the long-time star of the franchise, Sweet Tooth, as the main character, and Doe promised that the ⁤prequel would deliver a⁣ unique experience to veteran fans⁤ and new players alike. Doe was⁣ also careful to reassure fans that the company would not⁢ be ignoring the narrative‌ that ⁤made⁣ Twisted Metal famous. For this reason, we can assume ​that the ‍game could have a story as strong as the one portrayed in‌ the ​original games.

Doe Games ⁤hasn’t⁤ announced a‌ release date yet, but they have said that they⁢ plan ⁢to use a portfolio⁣ of platforms to bring the project to fruition. This could mean that the game could arrive for⁤ mainstream consoles, PC, and even mobile. In any case, long-time fans⁣ are sure ​to be ⁤pleased to ​revisit⁤ this universe, and new fans can look forward ⁣to ⁣a ‍robust‍ and exciting experience.

John ⁤Doe has⁤ come a long way since Twisted Metal’s debut, and his journey continues. With ⁤his hard work and incredible ‌skills, the world of gaming surely awaits ‌amazing things⁣ to come.


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