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Xbox Game Pass Receives Praise from ‘No More Robots’ Head, New Games Teased

Xbox Game Pass Receives Praise from ‘No More Robots’ Head, New Games Teased

At the 2019 Game Developers Conference, “No More Robots” founder Mike Rose was full of praise for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, calling it the “Netflix of video games”. He also teased upcoming titles such as “Heat Signature”, “Not Tonight” and “Descenders” coming to the service.

Rose discussed how the Xbox Game Pass subscription model has been beneficial to game developers, comparing it to Netflix. He said the service “has managed to create a huge influx of customers for games that struggled to attain one before”. He believes such subscription services are “revolutionizing the gaming industry” by helping to get previously unknown titles to a larger audience.

Rose spoke about how the subscription model has helped his own titles, such as “Heat Signature” and “Not Tonight” to get an audience. He also announced that “Descenders” and “Automachef” would be coming to the Xbox Game Pass soon. Rose believes that the Xbox Game Pass is “putting the spotlight on different types of indie games” and is helping developers get their work seen.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service looks set to continue to benefit developers in the future. Rose’s enthusiasm for the service is evidence of how beneficial it has been for him and other indie game developers. With more games set to be added in the future, it looks like developers and gamers alike will continue to benefit from the Xbox Game Pass.


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