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EA Streamlines Frostbite Branding, Offers Devs Relief from Engine Restrictions

EA Streamlines Frostbite Branding, Offers Devs Relief from Engine Restrictions

Electronic Arts (EA) has ​made a move to streamline their Frostbite branding​ and ⁢offer developers relief from⁣ engine​ restrictions. With multiple game studios within the EA⁢ network using the Frostbite⁢ engine,⁢ it was becoming increasingly difficult for studios to customize the look and feel of their games. With the new changes,‍ EA hopes to make it easier for developers‍ to bring their creative ideas to life.

The Frostbite engine,‌ which ‌is⁢ made by EA and used primarily for developing the company’s internal games, is now unified into a single brand and will no longer carry individual studios branding. This move is intended to​ give⁢ developers more flexibility and freedom in designing games that better reflect and match the core EA franchise products.

By streamlining the Frostbite branding, EA have ​also announced a series ⁤of new engine restrictions that developers must follow in order to make sure their⁤ games conform to the brand. The⁢ restrictions include:⁣ all Frostbite engine games must have similar ‍interfaces, graphical elements,​ sound⁢ effects and even music;‌ all Frostbite ‍games ⁣must have a consistent visual aesthetic; and⁣ developers must adhere to Frostbite’s “rules and ethics” in order to ensure the highest level of quality.

EA hopes​ the ⁣unified Frostbite brand and new ⁤engine restrictions will encourage developers to innovate ‌and create new and engaging ​experiences for⁤ players. This​ move also marks a major shift in ⁢focus for the studio‍ as they move away from the more standardized game creation⁣ to embrace​ a more collaborative and creative‍ approach.

With the unified Frostbite branding, EA is offering developers more flexibility, freedom, and control over the games⁣ they‌ create. These ‍changes should make the ‌engine more accessible to developers and help facilitate a more creative game ‍making process.


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