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Alan Wake 2 Dev Discusses Benefits of Mesh Shaders & DLSS 3.5 and Work Graphs’ Role in Future Gaming

Alan Wake 2 Dev Discusses Benefits of Mesh Shaders & DLSS 3.5 and Work Graphs’ Role in Future Gaming

Mesh shaders and DLSS 3.5 are⁢ two technologies at the forefront of the gaming industry, and Alan Wake 2 dev Remedy Entertainment are some of the trailblazers of this technology. In a recent interview, the dev discussed his thoughts on these two technologies and how⁢ they might affect⁢ the future of ⁣gaming.

According to Alan⁤ Wake 2 dev Remedy Entertainment, mesh shaders have the potential to ‍revolutionize gaming. In a nutshell, mesh ⁣shaders allow for ultra-high ​resolution textures, providing unprecedented detail in games. This ‍also provides developers with greater flexibility ‌and control when creating textures across multiple ⁢platforms. With this tech, devs no longer have ​to use workarounds that are available on certain platforms, and now have ‌options that can be implemented across multiple platforms.

In addition, ⁤DLSS 3.5 is another technology that has huge potential ⁢in gaming. DLSS‍ 3.5 is an AI-driven technology⁤ that allows for highly realistic visuals by utilizing AI-driven graphics hardware. According to Remedy, this technology allows for an⁢ even greater level of detail and realism than what mesh shaders ‌are able to⁤ provide.

Remedy also expressed his belief that work graphs will play an important ​role in the future‍ of gaming. Work ⁣graphs are​ essentially powerful networks that allow for ⁢real-time exploration of 3D environments. This technology will allow for more expansive worlds, giving players freedom‍ to explore and discover new experiences they may not have ​been able ⁣to⁤ before.

The ‍interview from Remedy ​Entertainment provided⁢ a ‍great insight ​into the various technologies available and how they can shape the future ‍of gaming. Mesh shaders, DLSS 3.5, and work graphs are just the tip of the iceberg ⁣when it comes to gaming hardware ‌and new tech. With the pace of technology development, we’re likely to see more advancements in ⁢the near future that could revolutionize ‍gaming as we know it.


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