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Valve Accidentally Exposes Left 4 Dead Prototype in CS 1.6 Update

Valve Accidentally Exposes Left 4 Dead Prototype in CS 1.6 Update

Valve Software recently⁤ released an update for the classic 2002 shooter Counter-Strike​ 1.6 – meant to bring bugfixes and enhancements that more than 15 years of gamer usage had caused – ‍that, surprisingly, included an unfinished version of their 2009 classic zombie survival horror game, Left 4 Dead.

The update, that served to update‍ the latest version of the game, ⁢contained an embedded version ‌of the 2009⁢ game’s engine,‍ named “Source 1.2”. As⁤ game users attempted to launch the engine, an anime-style splash image playing ‍alongside a⁤ complex set of instructions were displayed as part ⁤of the executable. The image was a prototype of the options page for Left 4 Dead, featuring a design meant to ⁢give players the ‌ability to tweak settings during ⁢the game.

Valve has since responded to the incident, ⁤stating⁤ that‌ the inclusion of the prototype was an ⁣”accidental” mistake done by ‌developers. ‌The bad news for⁤ fans‍ of Valve’s titles is ‍that the update was ‌swiftly fixed by Valve, and ⁤that the prototype⁤ version of⁣ the game was removed from the⁢ source code after the discovery ⁣was​ made.

The update‌ with ‍the left‌ 4 dead prototype was a bright spot in the update,​ however, as⁢ the previously mentioned changes included: a fully updated DirectX 8 to DirectX 11 graphics engine, support for NVIDIA’s Shadow Play hardware, and fixes to a variety of stability issues⁢ withCounter-Strike 1.6.

Valve may have removed the engine from the ‌update for ⁤Counter-Strike 1.6, but fans ​of the franchise have still been Left 4 Dead curious ever since news of ⁤the update’s surprise⁢ spread through social media. It’s ‌likely that the surprise drop of the‌ prototype has ⁤only served to increase demand for a new Left 4 Dead​ title, hopefully ⁣one that builds on ​the improved ‌engine of Counter-Strike 1.6.


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