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Steam Beta Update Introduces Gap In Privacy: Hide Your Games!

Steam Beta Update Introduces Gap In Privacy: Hide Your Games!

Steam, the leading ‍DLC ⁢platform for PC‌ players, recently released ⁢its new Beta Update, and some players noticed a ‍big change. It’s now possible to hide games from your⁤ profile, which raises some ⁣important questions about user privacy.

The update adds a new “Private Mode” feature to Steam, allowing⁢ users to⁢ hide ⁤any games from their profiles. This feature gives the user⁢ more control over what ⁢is‌ seen by other ‍people, but also enables⁣ them to hide games from their purchase list.

The implications of the new feature go beyond hiding embarrassing‌ games from ‍public view. It also raises questions of ⁣potential privacy breaches. For example, it could be possible for malicious users to purchase ‍games for others‍ and hide⁣ them, in ​order to gain access ⁤to ​personal information without the target player being aware. ‌

Fortunately, Valve has taken some‍ steps to address the issue. Before users ⁣can‍ hide ‌a game from their accounts, they must go through an authorization process with⁣ a two-factor authentication.​ This limits the ​chances of⁤ malicious buyers from ⁣using the feature to their advantage.

The ‌new privacy feature can be enabled or disabled ⁤at any time, and is ‍not permanent. After the feature is enabled, Steam shows a flag in the game list depicting‌ the⁣ game ‌as‌ “hidden”, allowing users⁢ to‍ easily monitor their own privacy settings.

The ​new update also provides a way to view​ the hidden games. For users who have enabled the feature, there‌ is an option to view the games, ⁤as long as they have permission⁢ to view the games. This ‍way, players can still see the ‍games on their profile, but they⁢ remain hidden from public view.

The new privacy feature is ‌an important step in protecting user privacy on ⁤the Steam platform. ​While it’s still important to be‌ mindful of what ​you⁣ share with others, this ‌new feature offers some peace of ⁢mind. If you want⁢ to​ stay safe⁣ on⁢ Steam,​ and hide‍ your⁣ games from others users, the new⁣ beta update is a great way to do ​that.


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