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ByteDance Abandoning the Gaming Scene, Discontinuing Nuverse Plans

ByteDance Abandoning the Gaming Scene, Discontinuing Nuverse Plans

Chinese tech company ​ByteDance has decided to abandon its gaming⁣ impulse after a​ two-year foray, discontinuing its plans for the multi-player augmented-reality ‍gaming platform Nuverse. The company said it⁤ wanted to focus on its core social media products, including TikTok.

ByteDance staked its place in the gaming industry in 2019,‍ when it‌ acquired a popular gaming studio ​and announced Nuverse, which is sure‌ to‍ have captured the attention of young gamers globally. After investing more than $1 billion into the gaming ⁢business, it was ‍widely expected that it would gain substantial‍ market share in the lucrative gaming industry.

ByteDance’s decision to drop its gaming⁢ plans ⁣to focus on ⁣its core competency in social media may have been prompted by the Chinese government’s scrutiny⁢ of Tencent,‍ the country’s biggest gaming company. ​Beijing has been adamant about wanting‌ its citizens ⁤to devote their time to more wholesome activities ‍than video games, and introducing competition to Tencent would not have been beneficial to the authorities ​or ByteDance.

At the same time, the sticker sales typical to Eastern messaging apps, ⁢such as Line and WeChat, have been declining​ over the last two years, leading to‍ fewer sources of revenue for popular chat apps. This may have led ‍ByteDance​ to re-focus on its main ​source⁢ of income.

ByteDance’s retreat from⁢ the‌ gaming business is a timely⁤ reminder of the progress made by the​ world’s leading game developers in engaging players and⁤ creating immersive ⁢experiences. With the⁢ future of gaming becoming increasingly intertwined with ⁣augmented ⁢and virtual reality, ByteDance would have likely had a hard ⁢time breaking into the mainstream games market.⁤ Nonetheless, this is a minor⁤ hiccup on its way to becoming a leading tech giant.


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