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Overwatch 2 Director Addresses Steam Review Bombing, Promises Fresh Content

Overwatch 2 Director Addresses Steam Review Bombing, Promises Fresh Content

There’s no doubt that Overwatch⁤ 2 ⁤ has been highly⁢ anticipated by fans of ‌the series since its announcement at Blizzcon 2019. The sequel’s highly ambitious look and promises of fresh content have set the stage for what‌ could be one​ of the best video games ​of 2021. In a recent interview⁢ with Eurogamer, Overwatch 2‘s director Jeff Kaplan addressed the controversial “review bombing” on Steam that has recently ⁣befallen the title.

Kaplan admits that the team at Blizzard understands why‌ some ‌fans ‍are ⁤so passionate that the game will only be released on the ⁤ platform. Despite the ⁤passionate sentiment ​of players, Kaplan believes that the⁣ game ⁢will‍ be best served as⁣ a purer experience if released through Blizzard’s own ⁢platform.

Going a step⁢ further, Kaplan addressed the recent negative reviews on‌ Steam⁤ by ‍ rollbacks as well ⁣as removed and reinstalled negative reviews on Metacritic. Kaplan assigned ⁤this⁢ behavior to those who are unhappy‍ about the game being relegated to the platform.‍ He acknowledged that ⁢they wanted Blizzard to make a multiplatform game, something that the company had done in​ the past, and now‍ feel betrayed.

However, despite⁣ the fact that some may ​not agree with ⁤the decision to stick to⁤ just the Launcher, the team is still ‌working hard to make continuously⁤ fresh content with endless hours of playability. Kaplan ‍did mention the extra content that’s been ⁤created since its reveal, pointing out the new heroes, events and‌ story ⁣chapter being standard. ‌He ended ‌by ⁤assuring fans that‍ “Semi-regular”‍ updates⁣ to the game ‍are happening that ‌will bring new experiences, something that should⁢ detract from⁤ any unhappiness ​the “review⁣ bombing” may have created.


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