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The Cold, Undead Truth: The Walking Dead: Destinies Proves Video Games Can be Lifeless Corpses

The Cold, Undead Truth: The Walking Dead: Destinies Proves Video Games Can be Lifeless Corpses

The Cold, Undead Truth: The Walking⁣ Dead: Destinies Proves Video Games Can be ‌Lifeless ⁢Corpses

Video games have⁣ become a ‍popular pastime in recent years, as more and more⁣ gamers‍ are ‌flocking to the ⁢hobby. But with the⁤ release‍ of The Walking⁢ Dead: Destinies it ‌appears that, at least for now, the concept of a video‌ game being a‌ lifeless⁣ corpse has ‌become a⁤ reality. Released in⁣ late 2018, the game‍ has received⁣ largely ⁤negative reviews and is already being used as an example of what to avoid⁢ when it comes‍ to video games.

Developed by‌ the critically acclaimed ‌studio, Telltale Games, The ⁢Walking‍ Dead: Destinies was set to be the next must-play game. ‌The ambitious⁢ concept of a post-apocalyptic world in which the player had ​total control⁤ over the‍ fate of the survivors was nothing short of alluring. Unfortunately, the ‍game fell deeply short, as the⁢ majority of‌ the gameplay was more​ tedious than exciting.

A broken combat system ⁤plagued by ‌an ‌overreliance on shooting mechanics, unbalanced enemy encounters, and an overall lack of⁢ challenge resulted​ in the game becoming quickly mundane. ⁢The story ⁢was shallow and filled with predictability,⁢ making it forgettable within​ hours of⁤ playing it. The visuals, while‍ detailed, were dated and⁢ unappealing. All in all, the game was critically panned ⁣and has since become an example of what not to do when designing a video ‌game.

The Walking ⁢Dead: Destinies is unfortunately part of a growing⁣ list of video games that⁤ try to ⁤capitalize on ‌popular genres only to create lifeless corpses.​ Yet, ⁢it ⁣is not all bad news as new games‌ continue to push​ the boundaries of ‍what can be done⁣ in⁤ the medium. With studios ‌like⁢ Rockstar and other industry ‌veterans creating masterpieces,‍ there is still ⁣plenty of hope ‌that players can find something⁣ genuinely⁢ enjoyable in the world⁤ of today’s⁣ video games.


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