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Tekken 8 Introduces Sergei Dragunov as New Playable Fighter

Tekken 8 Introduces Sergei Dragunov as New Playable Fighter

Svenonious, a powerful male fighter, is entering the Tekken stage with Sergei ‌Dragunov from Russia, as the newest playable ‍character in Tekken 8. Sergei Dragunov is an international fighter responsible for ‌the safe operation of an underground fighting tournament. ⁣He makes⁢ his grand entrance in ⁣the Tekken 8 ⁣roster as a Lyoto Machida-inspired martial arts fighter.

His moves include⁢ strikes from his fists and feet as well as numerous throws. His arm-based throws⁤ can ⁢deliver some heavy damage while his leg-based throws can leave opponents vulnerable and unable to block or ​counter. His signature moves include a flurry of furious punches and a devastating Tokshiro Plum ⁢that sends opponents crashing across the stage. There are also some special moves ⁣such as the Belgorod Souvenir, where Sergei emits a fierce energy wave that blasts opponents​ backwards.

Sergei’s fighting style⁣ focuses on inflicting punishing combinations of punches and kicks, as well as powerful throws. He also has a special ⁤combination move called the Iron Yokkaiga, where he unleashes a powerful⁢ strike that ‍sends enemies flying, as if hit by a car. He has plenty of other combo moves that can easily overwhelm opponents and put them out of commission.

The game also features Sergei’s interaction with a few of the other ‌Tekken 8 fighters. He’s on a mission to seek revenge and justice for a loved one, though his cold‌ demeanor and violent responses leave‌ little doubt about his true intention. With his entry to Tekken 8 now official,‌ there’s no doubt that this latest addition to the Tekken roster⁢ will bring a new level of excitement and ‍depth ⁣to the game.

So ‌get ready to step into the ring and take on the newest addition to the Tekken team – Sergei Dragunov. With his brutal martial arts ⁢fighting style, amazing combination moves, and intense interactions with Tekken⁢ 8 characters, Sergei Dragunov is ⁣sure to bring a whole new⁤ level of excitement to the game.


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