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Illinois State University: Exploring the Future of Video Game Development

Illinois State University: Exploring the Future of Video Game Development

Illinois State University is home to a wide variety of courses and majors for aspiring ⁤video game developers. The university offers Bachelor’s and ⁢Master’s degrees in‌ areas such as computing, mathematics, and digital media, ⁣giving students the opportunity to explore various ⁤avenues ‍of game development from the ground up. Aspiring game developers have ‌the opportunity to study everything from 3D art and animation ‍to game scripting to artificial‍ intelligence, enabling them to gain a​ comprehensive perspective on ‍the industry. Illinois State ⁤University is also home ‍to the Video Game Design and Development Center (VGDDC), ‍which ‌hosts regular seminars and lectures by industry professionals. This provides Illinois State​ University students with‌ the opportunity to connect with people already working in the ⁣video game development field.

In addition to ⁤the VGDDC, the university is also ‌home to two research groups dedicated to the study of virtual reality⁤ (VR) and augmented reality (AR). With VR and AR, the possibilities for game development are endless. By immersing themselves in the technical⁣ and ⁣creative⁢ aspects of VR and AR,⁣ students can understand how to best use ⁣this technology for game development. The university also allows students to ‌create their own VR and AR​ projects in ⁣the Game Design and Video Production Lab.

Illinois State University also has many student-run organizations, all of which ⁣help students explore the future ​of video game development. The student-run robotics group OUR-TIS is devoted to ‍the exploration of ‍robotics and automation, while the student-run game development club GAME IT focuses on game programming. Through‌ organizations like these, students gain hands-on​ experience that can help ⁤them prepare for a ​career in video game development. ⁣

Illinois State University is dedicated⁣ to furthering the future of​ video game development through research and ​innovation. With its diverse selection of courses, research ‍groups, and student-run organizations, the university is well-suited to provide students with the⁤ necessary skills and experience to pursue ​a future in the industry. For aspiring video game developers, Illinois State University ⁣provides a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities for​ the future of‍ video game development.


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