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Destiny 2’s Season 22 reveals new features and more

Destiny 2’s Season 22 reveals new features and more

​ Destiny ⁢2’s upcoming Season⁢ 22, titled Season of the Splicer, is ​bringing a wealth ⁢of new content for⁣ players⁣ to enjoy. The new season promises an array of features for Guardians to ⁤dive into,⁢ including a new ⁢questline, ​seasonal armor and weapons, ⁤transmogrification, Vault of Glass raid, and more.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer is set to feature a new⁢ story questline which will see Guardians⁣ return to the Moon to team up‍ with the Splicers. For the first time ever in Destiny 2, Guardians will be able to change the appearance of ​their armor with transmogrification.⁣ This‌ feature has been highly anticipated since‌ its announcement ‌during ‍the Beyond Light reveal back in 2020. Furthermore, players will be able to take on an all new version of​ the classic Vault of ⁣Glass raid, which released in the original Destiny.

The ‌season will‍ also introduce⁤ a bevy‍ of new PVP activities including Override Mode, a new ⁣3v3 gamemode ‍exclusive to Destiny 2. Two teams of three players must capture⁤ and maintain control⁤ of ⁣one central node, and two additional nodes in order⁢ to ⁤win. Additionally, the ⁤Doubles tournaments will also be making a return.‍ In this mode players must work together and use⁣ their weapons and abilities to‌ combat a⁣ force of⁣ enemies.

Season 22 of Destiny 2 will start on May 11th, 2021 and‌ run until August 24th, ⁤2021. Season​ Pass owners will gain access to exclusive weapons, armor, ‍rewards and a showcase of activities. ⁤Additionally, Bungie is set to introduce‌ a ​new event called the Splicer Gauntlet. This event is slated to ⁣provide Guardians with a challenge to overcome if they wish⁣ to be rewarded.

No matter your playstyle, there’s something for everyone in Season 22 of Destiny 2. Start preparing now to take on the ⁤newest ⁣challenge which awaits. ⁢


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