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It’s All About Freeholds: Ashes of Creation Latest Video Preview

It’s All About Freeholds: Ashes of Creation Latest Video Preview

Ashes of Creation continues its streak of stellar updates, this time with a brand new video preview that’s all about their newest feature—freeholds. The new preview includes gameplay footage, developer commentary, and an in-depth look at what freeholds are and how they work in the game. Freeholds offer a new way for players to carve out territory and create settlements, and their introduction adds a whole new level of depth and strategy to the game. In this video preview, we get to see how the team behind Ashes of Creation has implemented this feature and what it means for players.

Freeholds are areas where players can build their own homes and settlements. These settlements are mobile, meaning they can be moved around the world or even taken to the other side of the map. They also come with custom upgrades like fortifications, special NPC vendors, and unique buffs and abilities. Series like banking, crafting, and trading will also become available, so players can obtain resources and create their own virtual economy.

Along with the freehold feature, the video also takes a look at all the activities players can partake in while inhabiting these settlements. From exploring dungeons and engaging in PvP battles to crafting and gathering, there’s a wide variety of activities players can engage in. It also showcases the many different customization options available for the freeholds, including visuals and mobiles. Additionally, players can add customizations like decorations and banners to make their freeholds truly unique.

The Ashes of Creation team have gone into great detail of how the Freehold feature works and why it is a great addition to the game. Players will have a chance to own and populate their very own settlement, granting them a new layer of control and freedom within the game. Overall, this is definitely an update worth checking out, and fans should certainly be looking forward to the Freehold update coming soon.


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