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Warzone Players Outraged Over Post-Halloween Ashika Nerf

Warzone Players Outraged Over Post-Halloween Ashika Nerf

This past Halloween, a ⁢post-update for the⁤ popular game Warzone was made, introducing an new​ character‍ named Ashika​ to the game. Players were⁢ happy with the character and were looking ⁣forward to the update. But, ⁤players quickly realized ‌that the update also came with a major ⁤nerf for Ashika. Players are now outraged and feel like Ashika doesn’t stand a ⁣chance against ⁢the other ‍characters.‌

The nerf⁣ specifically affects Ashika’s damage output and hit points in the game. ⁣Players had this to say about the nerf:

“It completely​ nerfs Ashika. Her hit points have been‍ drastically reduced and her damage output is now much less effective. It’s like she was designed to be a weaker version⁢ of the other ⁢characters.”

Players also⁢ feel like the update was designed ​to make Ashika weaker and not as competitive. ⁤Fans of the game are angry because they feel like their favorite character is now significantly weaker and less useful in-game.

“This update has ruined Ashika. She’s so weak now that she’s ‍practically useless‍ in the game. It’s like the developers wanted to make her weaker for some reason.”

Many players feel cheated by the developers and feel like their time has been wasted. They are‍ now calling for an explanation and are demanding that ‌the damage and hit points for Ashika be restored to their original values.

“I’m outraged by this decision. Ashika is now practically⁢ useless in the game and it feels like our time has been wasted. We demand an explanation from the developers and a reversal of the nerf.”

The developers have yet to ‌respond to the outrage but players remain hopeful that they will ⁤listen to their ⁤demands and‌ reverse the nerf in the​ next update.


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