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Quantic Dream Form Their Own Indie Publishing Label To Support ‘Detroit: Become Human’ Developer

Quantic Dream Form Their Own Indie Publishing Label To Support ‘Detroit: Become Human’ Developer

Quantic Dream, the French developer behind the popular adventure game, ‘Detroit: Become Human’, has announced a new publishing label that will support indie developers. The new label named, ‘3DClouds’, will be run by Quantic Dream and will aim to bring games to the higher ranks of the industry.

The initiative has been designed to bring new gaming experiences to players around the world, while at the same time help independent developers grow and gain popularity. The 3DClouds label will assist in the development and production of games, provide resources and marketing, and ensure that titles are properly presented to the public.

The new publishing label is looking to support indie developers who are looking to create new and original pieces of work, while still having an emphasis on storytelling. According to Quantic Dream, 3DClouds is dedicated to providing “players with meaningful experiences and a creative, powerful medium to express their own stories and ideas.”

The label also has plans to start signing up projects that are currently in development, so that they may have a closer role in the development process. It will be a great opportunity for developers to get feedback and advice from Quantic Dream and 3DClouds in order to help push their games to the highest possible level.

The new 3DClouds label is certainly an exciting development for both Quantic Dream and independent developers, it will be interesting to see the projects that are signed up and what kind of games they will bring to players.


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