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Sea of Thieves Relaunches Classic Adventure with The Legend of Monkey Island!

Sea of Thieves Relaunches Classic Adventure with The Legend of Monkey Island!

Ahoy, mateys! Sea of Thieves, the co-operative pirate ship-sailing game, has brought back a relic from the swashbuckling past: The Legend of Monkey Island. The classic point-and-click adventure, originally released in 1990, has been relashed in the Gaming Preview for Xbox One and PC, with more platforms likely to join soon. The game can be downloaded free of charge, and offers all five episodes of the classic game, reworked and optimized to take advantage of today’s modern technology.

Given the complexity of the task at hand, Rare, the studio behind Sea of Thieves, did an admirable job of bringing a blast from the past into the twenty-first century. They’ve managed to update the original game’s graphics and playability, while still retaining the laugh out loud humour and lovable characters that marked it out as a classic adventure game. The new version also features new voice-over work, as well as a comprehensive new tutorial to help new players get up to speed on the basics of sailing, navigation, and combat.

Audio engineers from Rare have also done a fantastic job of remixing and reinventing sound effects from the original game, adding a modern touch to the classic experience. The voice acting in particular is a huge improvement, with a faithful recreation of the original material, as well as new lines to help bring the adventure to life.

The greatest change in The Legend of Monkey Island though is the co-operative play, as never before have players been able to enjoy the game’s world in this way, without sacrificing the challenge and intrigue that made it so beloved. This allows for friends and family to join forces and have great pirate adventures of their own, aided by teamspeak or other voice applications, while trying to best the puzzles and sniff out the secrets that have made the game so endearing.

The Sea of thieves launch of The Legend of Monkey Island marks a special day for all fans of classic adventure games, as the game has got an unprecedented second life, thanks to Rare’s brilliant work. Whether sinking ships, exploring dark lairs, or outsmarting the local wannabe pirates, gamers all around the world will be able to join in the unique journey that is The Legend of Monkey Island. So grab some friends and buckle up – there’s a world of adventure out there!


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