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Latest NVIDIA GeForce Driver 536.67 Now Available for Download

Latest NVIDIA GeForce Driver 536.67 Now Available for Download

Gamers and ‍content creators ‌rejoice ‍as the long ​awaited NVIDIA ⁢GeForce Driver 536.67 ​is now available for⁢ download. The latest​ is a Game⁣ Ready ⁤driver which delivers better performance and stability ‍in numerous games ‍like Call of Duty: Warzone, Black Desert, Total Warhammer 2, and more.

  • Game Ready: Provides the optimal gaming experience with support for⁢ the latest releases
  • New Features: Updated feature set⁤ including ⁣SLI profiles

  • Compatibility:‍ Improved compatibility with Direct X⁣ 12
  • Performance: Up to 15% performance⁢ improvements in‍ some games
  • Stability: Improved system⁢ stability by fixing some DirectX ⁣11 and OpenGL issues

And that’s not all, this driver ⁢also brings some additional⁣ features ​including:

  • Virtual Reality: ImprovedVR rendering for​ select ⁢titles
  • NVIDIA⁤ Ansel: Easy-to-use interactive in-game photography

  • NVIDIA Ansel RTX: Support ‍for turned-based games ⁢like Total ‍War: Warhammer 2 that ​support multiple export options including Supersampling, ‍HDR, and⁣ more
  • NVIDIA Freestyle: ⁤Instantly customize the look of your⁣ game⁣ with ⁢new filters ⁤and effects

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ⁣hands ⁢on the latest Geforce Driver 536.67 now!


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