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Bethesda Voices Frustration Over ‘Starfield’ Leaks

Bethesda Voices Frustration Over ‘Starfield’ Leaks

Bethesda, the game development powerhouse behind blockbuster titles like ‌The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, has expressed its frustration with recent leaks involving its upcoming game Starfield. ​The cyber security breach‍ has revealed a wealth of‍ information, including ​screenshots ​and gameplay videos that ‌were meant to remain under wraps until ⁣the game’s official release.

The Starfield‌ leaks first came​ to light back in June, when online forums were flooded‌ with in-game assets. This was followed by ‌further revelations of in-game graphics and audio tracks in the weeks since. Bethesda has officially ⁢stated that these “unauthorized downloads” have caused⁢ “severe ​damage” and⁤ they are‍ taking it very seriously.

In a statement released Wednesday, Bethesda raised pointed questions⁤ about these security weaknesses. “How were our confidential files and audio recordings accessed? What measures will be taken to ensure that this doesn’t​ happen again? And ⁣how will it be​ possible for us to trust our systems again?”

Bethesda went on to⁣ state that they are actively investigating the source⁣ of ​the leaked information and are taking measures to protect‌ their games going‌ forward.⁢ Bethesda also warned against downloading ‍any of the⁣ leaked materials, as these files could ‍contain malware and other⁣ malicious software.

The company went on to lament the fact ‍that they were unable to control ⁢the flow of the information, saying “We are deeply saddened that our fans ‍were unable to ⁢experience Starfield without having these spoilers revealed. It’s⁣ a huge disservice to ⁣the team, who have worked tirelessly to create something‌ truly special”.

It goes without⁤ saying that Bethesda needs to do what it ⁤can to ‌both protect its own⁢ intellectual property and protect its fans from malicious software⁣ and scams. Their ongoing investigation and⁢ improved security⁤ measures should go some‍ way towards achieving ‍this. ⁣


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