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Overwatch League Eyeing Third-Party TOs for 2024 Season

Overwatch League Eyeing Third-Party TOs for 2024 Season

The Overwatch⁤ League will be seeking out third-party‍ tournament organizers for the 2024 season. This effort is part of an effort by league officials to ensure that Overwatch tournaments are held on a consistent basis and by the top-tier esports tournament providers in the industry.

According to⁢ sources close ‍to the Overwatch League’s plans, the organization is looking to hold tournaments multiple times per year in‌ order to maximize ​the number of competitive opportunities it has to offer. Currently, Blizzard Entertainment is the sole overseer of all Overwatch tournaments, with only a‍ few approved third-party tournaments. As⁣ a result, the strategic⁣ move by the Overwatch League would provide‍ more opportunities for ‌players, teams,​ and viewers alike.

The tentative ‍plan would see third-party tournament‍ organizers​ come in ⁤and equip prize pools, secure‌ venues, and handle‍ other critical tournament elements. ⁢The involvement of Overwatch League leadership would primarily be in determining the structure of each tournament and ⁢ensuring ‌fairness in⁣ competition. The benefit here would be that players would have access to ⁤more regional tournaments, as well as the potential for higher tournament prize pools.

The move toward third-party tournaments could also be seen as an attempt by the Overwatch ⁢League to keep up with more⁤ established ‍esports leagues, such as Riot Games’ League of Legends ⁤or Valve’s Counter-Strike. Every year, both of these ⁣organizations partner up with various organizations to host ‌tournaments outside⁣ of their own ‌leagues.

The leasing of third-party tournament operators appears to be something of a test for the Overwatch League — one that​ could go a long way in determining what kind of shape the league will be in half a decade from now.


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