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MW3 Fans Cry Out for Second SMG Buff

MW3 Fans Cry Out for Second SMG Buff

It’s been ‌exactly 4 months since Modern Warfare 3 was‌ released and there are already rumblings in​ the‌ Call of Duty fan ​base regarding the game balancing. Fans are calling for⁢ a second buff to the SMG class ⁣of weapons, which were⁤ buffed ⁢right after the game was released to make them⁢ more attractive.

The SMGs started ⁢out incredibly weak when compared to the other weapons. The weapons were far inferior when it came to ‌range and accuracy and they offered ‌little damage against‌ enemies at medium-long range. A buff was quickly released after the game was ⁢released to improve the damage and​ accuracy of the SMGs but it still wasn’t enough to make them attractive to⁤ many players.

The ⁣cries of⁢ a second‌ buff to the SMGs have been very‌ vocal and have been⁤ met with both criticism and praise from gamers. On one hand, many⁢ feel that the weapons should be buffed to make them⁤ more effective and thus make them more‌ attractive. On the other hand, others feel that the buff would only upset the current​ game balance and would lead to⁣ further disparities between‍ SMG and rifle users.

What’s interesting is that the MW3 developers, Infinity Ward, have⁣ yet to comment on the matter. Many thought that​ a statement would have been forthcoming after the first buff to the SMG class, but nothing ‌has been heard.

Whether Infinity Ward will heed to the cries for a second‍ buff to the SMG ​class is yet to be seen. In the meantime, fans are continuing ​to make their voices heard⁢ and it will be interesting to see how the developer responds to their calls.


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