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ScarabLord’s Pelican Building Tutorial: UNSC Dropship Comes to Life with Starfield Game Parts

ScarabLord’s Pelican Building Tutorial: UNSC Dropship Comes to Life with Starfield Game Parts

Now gamers can rejoice! ScarabLord’s Pelican⁤ Building Tutorial video series has given us a new hands-on way to build ​a fully ⁣loaded UNSC Dropship right out of the classic Starfield game. With this guide,‍ you can get even closer to the world of Starfield without needing​ special skills or supplies. Watch in ‍awe as your Pelican takes shape,⁣ from tiny pieces of‍ foam and plastic to massive construction ⁤pieces. Learn from the ⁢step-by-step tutorial as you⁤ craft your very own Dropship!

Preparing‍ the Ship’s Parts

To get‌ started, ScarabLord suggests‌ acquiring all necessary ​supplies. For ‍the Dropship project, gamers will need to pick up a few basic materials like foam board, craft⁢ paper, PLA plastic, glue, and spray paint. Once the materials are ready, ScarabLord ‌shows⁤ you how to ⁤craft the basic pieces of the ship. These pieces‌ include 2 wings, 2 metal rods, 1⁢ ramp, 4 thrusters, a cockpit, and a bridge. ​All pieces must be ‌cut, followed by sanding and smoothing for a perfect⁤ finish.

Assembling the Dropship

The components are then put ‌together to build the frame, using​ the metal rods for⁤ extra strength‌ and ‌stability.⁢ The wings and thrusters ​will fit snugly onto​ the frame, followed by the placement ⁤of the ramp and the cockpit.⁣ Finally, the bridge ‍can be securely attached and all the pieces can be glued together. Once the pieces are ready,‌ it’s time to bring ⁣the UNSC Dropship to life ​with some color!

Painting for Finishing Touches

ScarabLord recommends spray painting​ the ship, allowing optimal coverage‍ and a professional finish. With each layer of paint, the UNSC Dropship will slowly emerge, coming closer to completion. After the first two ⁢layers dry, gamers⁤ can ⁢move on to detailing, ‌such as adding decals and making LED lights to⁢ give the ship an even more realistic look. Finally, some⁤ adhesive weatherproofing can be‍ applied for extra protection ⁣against damage.

At the end of this ⁣tutorial, viewers will have a fully constructed and detailed UNSC Dropship to show off to⁢ their friends. Whether as a showpiece or​ as part of a​ larger ⁢gaming setup, this project will ⁤surely ‌bring ⁤any⁣ Starfield fan a great feeling of accomplishment. So grab some supplies⁢ and get to building!


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