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Japanese Super Smash Bros Demo Now Available Across Platforms

Japanese Super Smash Bros Demo Now Available Across Platforms

Nintendo Japan‍ recently announced ⁢that its ‍latest iteration of the beloved⁣ fighter game, Super Smash​ Bros, is now available to demo across multiple platforms. The demo is available to download‍ from the Nintendo eShop ‍on any compatible ⁢Nintendo device and online for ​Windows PC,⁢ Mac,⁢ iOS, and Google Play Store on⁣ Android devices.

The demo includes characters from Nintendo’s world-famous ⁢franchises, such as Link from the Legend of Zelda series, along with classic Nintendo characters like Mario and Donkey Kong. Up to ​eight‍ players can join⁤ the‍ online multiplayer mode to battle in chaotic⁢ yet strategic frenzy against each other. ⁤A single-player ‍story⁢ mode is also available, where⁢ players can explore new levels and engage in action-packed battles against computer-controlled rivals.

The‍ controls in the demo are customizable,​ allowing users⁤ to​ map any action‍ with a button for the on-screen gamepad.‍ There⁣ are also Motion ‍controls ‍available, allowing players to input direction buttons and commands by moving the controller​ in ⁤various ⁢directions. An AI Assistance feature is also included, which makes fighting easier for casual⁤ or less ⁤experienced players.

Super‌ Smash ⁢Bros has always been a widely popular game, and the demo has been met with ‌much​ anticipation from ​Nintendo fans of all ages. Nintendo encourages everyone to ‍get their hands​ on it and experience how fun the game can really be. So jump right⁢ in and get to smashing!


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