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Unlock the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol in Starfield: A Guide

Unlock the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol in Starfield: A Guide

Unlock the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol in Starfield: A Guide

Experience the joy⁤ of one of the most iconic weapons in ⁤ Starfield: the legendary ⁣Keelhauler pistol. This guide will run through how to go about unlocking the⁢ pistol, what ​you should consider when using it against your enemies, and the ⁣advantages offered by this powerful weapon.

Unlocking the Keelhauler

The Keelhauler ​is a legendary pistol⁢ and is available for purchase in⁣ the⁣ shop. It can⁣ only be unlocked by ⁤purchasing it with credits. Credits​ are earned through​ completing ⁤objectives and missions ​within⁢ Starfield. While it may be expensive to purchase the Keelhauler, it is ⁢worth it given the power it offers and the advantages it provides.

Using ⁢the Keelhauler

Once you have⁤ the Keelhauler in your arsenal, you should consider what type of ammo to‌ use in the weapon. ‌The type of ammo used ‌will affect the weapon’s ​damage output and accuracy. For the best results, use ‌an​ ammo type that increases damage output and‌ accuracy.

Advantages of the Keelhauler

The Keelhauler is an impressive weapon in Starfield, with powerful⁤ damage output and accuracy. It also has excellent range, ​allowing you to hit enemies from a⁤ distance.⁢ It⁤ has a high fire rate and can ⁢quickly take down targets. ‍Additionally, the Keelhauler ‍is ⁤lightweight ⁣and easy to carry around, making it a great weapon to ⁤have in​ your ⁢arsenal.


The Keelhauler is one​ of the most iconic ​weapons in‍ Starfield. ​Unlocking it can be expensive, but the advantages the weapon ‌offers are immense. With its powerful damage output and accuracy, as ​well as its lightweight design, the Keelhauler is sure to be a great asset in your arsenal.


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