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Marble It Up! Ultra Coming to Nintendo Switch Next Month!

Marble It Up! Ultra Coming to Nintendo Switch Next Month!

The Marble It Up! Ultra video game is set to be released on Nintendo Switch on next month. The game is a fast-paced, gravity-driven platformer focused on speed and aiming your way through levels. Players will have to skillfully move their marble around treacherous environments and figure out the solutions to challenging puzzles.

Marble It Up! Ultra offers an extensive set of levels, each presenting unique gameplay, puzzles, and visuals. Players can expect to land on rotating platforms, soar through portals, outrun crashing walls, grind across walls, and more. By collecting gems and completing levels, players can unlock different marbles and customize them to their liking. Moreover, the game also features local 2-4 player multiplayer mode, where players can race each other and complete levels together.

Marble It Up! Ultra for Nintendo Switch features enhanced levels and effects, extra content, and full control customization. It also comes with improved lighting, shadows, and reflections. Additionally, it offers multiple difficulty modes and customizable controls.

Don’t miss out on the Marble It Up! Ultra coming to Nintendo Switch on next month. Get ready to roll, loop, bounce, and jump your way on the vibrant levels in the game!


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