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35 Layoffs at Digic as Embracer Group Expands

35 Layoffs at Digic as Embracer Group Expands

Today, Embracer Group announced that they will be​ expanding their operations, leading to the unfortunate ​news that 35 employees at Digic will be laid off⁣ as a result. The exact reasons for the layoffs are not known as of yet, but the move to expand could suggest⁤ that the company is making changes to the organization or entering into a new direction.

Embracer​ Group ⁣is a Swedish publicly⁢ listed holding company that owns and operates more than 100 game studios around ‍the world. The group has acquired several⁣ companies ​in the last two years, ‍now owning the likes of Gearbox, THQ and Amplifier Game Invest. This growth likely⁣ correlated with the layoffs at Digic, a game development studio based in the‌ Czech Republic that works on‌ games for PC, ⁢console, and mobile platforms.

The layoffs happened ⁤without warning, and the Digic employees found out about the news in the morning. Many of the employees have worked⁤ at the studio for over‍ a ⁤decade, with some‌ even founding the company back in 2007.

It is not clear if Digic will be closing entirely, or if the layoffs are part of a restructuring or refocusing of the company. Embracer Group has not responded to any inquiries about the layoffs, but it is clear that the ‍expansion‌ of their ​operations is to blame.

While the news ‌is ⁣heartbreaking for those affected, it ⁤is important to remember that there are still many game‍ development jobs available in the Czech Republic. With the recent rise of game ‌studios⁤ in the region, the industry is growing, and there is a wealth of talent in the country.


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